लोकसहभागातून विकासाकडे

    साऊथ कोरियाची राजधानी, सोल हे शहर. तेथील प्रशासनाने वाहतूक संदर्भातील माहिती जमा करण्यासाठी सुरुवातीस इमारती व रस्त्यांवर नॅनोसेन्सर्स बसवण्याचा प्रयत्न केला परंतु तरीदेखील तंतोतंत माहिती न मिळाल्याने केलेल्या प्रचंड खर्चाचा काहीही उपयोग झाला नाही. शेवटी त्यांनी खाजगी कार मालक व चालकांना पटवून रस्त्यांवर धावणाऱ्या पंचवीस हजार टॅक्सींमध्ये जीपीएस आधारित पेमेंट सिस्टम बसविल्याने वाहतुकीची प्रत्यक्षदर्शी माहिती… read more »

    Itemised billing technology is the path forward to sustainable living

    कोणत्या नळातून सर्वाधिक पाणी वापरलं जातय ते कळेल तंत्रज्ञानामुळे. originally published at :

    Sunil Khandbahale speaking about “Learning, goes Digital” at India Today School Summit 2017

      Technology is neutral by itself. It is up to us humankind, how constructive or destructive we envision to apply it. Don’t you think that the fear of technology in education of some people is meaningless. In my opinion, digital learning is yet to discover the power of technology to its fullest potential with upcoming… read more »

    How smart-health of smart cities could transform public healthcare

    Imagine the world without hospitals. Digital sensors could scan your body,  communicate remotely with healthcare professionals who use massive health datasets to analyze and prescribe personalize medication and 3D printers then print a pill for you.. ते चित्र आता फार दूर नाही जेंव्हा भविष्यात संवेदी उपकरणे (सेन्सर्स) आपल्या कळत-नकळत आपले शरीर तपासतील (स्कॅन) आणि दूरवर असलेल्या आरोग्यतज्ञांशी स्वतःहून… read more »

    How ‘Big Data’ is the powerful drive in the implementation of smart cities

    Rapid urbanization – means more population – means more data – ‘BIG DATA’, which is the is the powerful drive in the implementation of smart cities. Administrations and citizens can benefits from it. ‘मायनॉरिटी रिपोर्ट’ नावाचा एक सिनेमा आहे. त्यामध्ये पोलिस अधिकारी एका गृहस्थाला अटक करताना म्हणतात, ‘आम्ही तुला अटक करत आहोत, कारण तू आज एक खून करणार… read more »

    IoT is the key element of smart city framework

    Do your remember movies “Toy Story” or “Cars” by Disney? It is no more fiction while physical things are talking to each other like human beings. Internet of things (IoT) investment is forecasted to grow up to 6 trillion by 2020 connecting over 34 billion devices to the Internet. वाल्ट डिजने कंपनी निर्मित ‘टॉय स्टोरी’ किंवा ‘कार्स’ नावाचा सिनेमा आठवतो का?… read more »

    Community Solar Systems for smart-energy cities

    Half of the world population lives in cities and by 2050, it will rise to three quarter. Did you know the fact that 75% of the total energy is consumed by cities only, adding 80% of the global carbon emission? While rapid urbanization, future demands technology based social innovations in the energy segment. कल्पना करा की शहरातील उद्याने, खेळांची मैदाने, मोकळ्या जागा,… read more »

    Technology as catalyst, Sharing Economy is the perfect example of Process Innovation

    What if we share or rent instead buying new goods every time we need? Do you think sharing economy instead buying economy can save us from the shortages and scarcity of resources? While rapidly growing urbanization and increasing population constantly reminds us to what Mahatma Gandhi said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs,… read more »

    The role of city wide WIFI Internet (Muncipal Wireless Network) in making citizens smart

    ‘Municipal wireless network‘ is a safe, secured and free city-wide wifi Internet network, which can incentivize citizens to make use of public services, encourage social innovations, create new job opportunities, increase tourism, improve citizens-administration communication, bring transparency, build trust, empower citizens, help in city-branding, attract investments and become a new revenue source for the corporation. महानगरपालिका क्षेत्रात सार्वजनिक ठिकाणी बिनतारी इंटरनेट… read more »


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