September, 2016 - Sunil KHANDBAHALE

When You Change the World and No One Notices

Big breakthroughs typically follow a seven-step path: First, no one’s heard of you. Then they’ve heard of you but think you’re nuts. Then they understand your product, but think it has no opportunity. Then they view your product as a toy. Then they see it as an amazing toy. Then they start using it. Then… read more »

India 50 years behind on education goals, says UN report

Unesco report states more than 60 million children in India receive little or no formal education It has the highest number of out-of-school students in lower secondary level at 11.1 million. At the upper secondary level, 46.8 million are out of school, while 2.9 million students do not even attend primary school. The report says that… read more »