How to motivate children to read Marathi literature, an advice by #sunilkhandbahale to parents

How to motivate children to read Marathi literature An advice by Sunil Khandbahale to parents मुलांना मराठी साहित्य वाचण्यासाठी कसे प्रवृत्त करावे, सुनील खांडबहाले यांचा पालकांना सल्ला

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#ग्रेटभेट – #मराठी #भाषा आणि नवी #माध्यमे:-

Age 0-6 = Life Foundation – Sunil KHANDBAHALE

Shilpa: How do you see child psychology? What do you suggest to the parents? Sunil: 95% of the growth of human brain gets completed by the age of 6. Rest 5% for the lifetime is only based on the top of what we learn until age 6. We have some serious challenge to fix here, a… read more »

Life is all about Here and Now – Sunil KHANDBAHALE

Shilpa: How do you enjoy life? Your advice to youth? Sunil: I avoid giving advices. Everyone is different. Having a unique purpose of life. I can only tell about me. I like to build stuff, break it, make it. I do biking. I feel happy when I failed in doing something more than when I… read more »

Education = Transformation – Sunil KHANDBAHALE

Shilpa: How are you imparting Education? Why? Sunil: I believe “Education is the Answer to all the Odds”. May it be poverty, may it be corruption, population, unemployment, health and hygiene… you name it. Only education can solve all those challenges. Education is the best gift that one can give. Let me share you my… read more »

Language Barrier = Language Bridge – Sunil Khandbahale

Shilpa: How you are converting the language barrier into the language bridge? Sunil: UNESCO estimated 2.3 billion people, nearly 40% of the world’s population, lack access to education in their own language. It is research across 26 countries showing that over 50 percent of students who dropped out of school did not speak the language… read more »

Challenge = Opportunity – Sunil KHANDBAHALE

Shilpa : What were the challenges you faced in your entrepreneurial journey? Sunil:  More than challenges, I would like to call them opportunities. All those were the options knocking at my door. Imagine, if I would have been educated in the English Medium school, I would have not encounter the language barrier? Then I would have… read more »

जिद्दीचा ‘शब्दकोश’

आई-वडील निरक्षर असलेला एक मुलगा केवळ जिद्दीच्या जोरावर एका लहानशा खेड्यात राहून शिक्षणाला सुरुवात करतो. घरची गरिबी, इंग्रजी भाषेचा न्यूनगंड, कम्प्युटर कशाशी खातात याचा गंध नाही, तब्येतीचे अनेक प्रश्न या सगळ्यांशी लढत, अफाट परिश्रम करत सुनील खांडबहाले नावाचा मुलगा आपल्या जिद्दीनं या सगळ्या परिस्थितीवर मात करतो, ऑनलाइन शब्दकोश तयार करतो नि जगावर कसं राज्य गाजवतो,… read more »

Sunil Khandbahale speaking on “Industry-Academia Collaboration for Manufacturing Innovations” at CII Conclave

“I think ‘System Thinking’ is the key for the success of any collaboration. Inclusiveness offers mutual opportunities for each of the stakeholder. Engaging – 1. Governments 2. Innovators 3. Risk Capital 4. Communities with 5. Academia & 6. Industry is crucial for the success of Innovation through Collaboration.” – Mr. Sunil Khandbahale Indeed, It was honor… read more »

Story of What is Possible – Sunil Khandbahale

Dr. Laura Jana at KidsCan 2017 introducing keynote speaker Mr. Sunil Khandbahale, renowned innovator, entrepreneur, and founder of the Global Prosperity Foundation. In addition to his community-level work through his preschool, he created a free multilingual digital dictionary and translation platform that makes English accessible to over 100 million users in 150 countries – earning… read more »