2017 February

    IoT is the key element of smart city framework

    Do your remember movies “Toy Story” or “Cars” by Disney? It is no more fiction while physical things are talking to each other like human beings. Internet of things (IoT) investment is forecasted to grow up to 6 trillion by 2020 connecting over 34 billion devices to the Internet. वाल्ट डिजने कंपनी निर्मित ‘टॉय स्टोरी’ किंवा ‘कार्स’ नावाचा सिनेमा आठवतो का?… read more »

    Languages count for Education

    Languages count for Education. Children who study in their mother tongue, learn better and faster, perform well with self confidence, self esteem and classroom engagement. Unfortunately 2.3 billion, nearly 40% of the world’s population lack access to education in their own language.

    Community Solar Systems for smart-energy cities

    Half of the world population lives in cities and by 2050, it will rise to three quarter. Did you know the fact that 75% of the total energy is consumed by cities only, adding 80% of the global carbon emission? While rapid urbanization, future demands technology based social innovations in the energy segment. कल्पना करा की शहरातील उद्याने, खेळांची मैदाने, मोकळ्या जागा,… read more »

    Bike Sharing Network, must have for eco-friendly for smart cities

    Why smart cities should think about bike sharing networks at design? While rapidly growing urbanization, pollution and population, what could be the alternative public transportation systems? When public health is at stake, how can we think of eco-friendly ideas?.. ४ मे २०१४ ला रात्री उशिरा वाशिंग्टनला पोहोचलो. दिव्यांच्या रोषणाईत अमेरिकेची राजधानी लोभस दिसत होती. अभ्यासातून शहराविषयी… read more »

    Technology as catalyst, Sharing Economy is the perfect example of Process Innovation

    What if we share or rent instead buying new goods every time we need? Do you think sharing economy instead buying economy can save us from the shortages and scarcity of resources? While rapidly growing urbanization and increasing population constantly reminds us to what Mahatma Gandhi said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs,… read more »


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