Life is all about Here and Now – Sunil KHANDBAHALE

Shilpa: How do you enjoy life? Your advice to youth?

Sunil: I avoid giving advices. Everyone is different. Having a unique purpose of life. I can only tell about me. I like to build stuff, break it, make it. I do biking. I feel happy when I failed in doing something more than when I make it. I am passionate about education, learning. I think I am a lifetime student. I enjoy photography, I do paintings. I play music. I love singing. Rather why don’t we end this session with a melodious music. I have my companion with me. I think life is all about “here and now”, so I am enjoying it.

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Credits : Shilpa Dhamne, Chinmay Dhamne, Pankaj Gahivad, & Studio: The Open Window.