Sunil Khandbahale speaking on “Industry-Academia Collaboration for Manufacturing Innovations” at CII Conclave

“I think ‘System Thinking’ is the key for the success of any collaboration. Inclusiveness offers mutual opportunities for each of the stakeholder. Engaging – 1. Governments 2. Innovators 3. Risk Capital 4. Communities with 5. Academia & 6. Industry is crucial for the success of Innovation through Collaboration.” – Mr. Sunil Khandbahale

Indeed, It was honor to share discussion panel with Sudhir Mutalik @Vandana Sonwaney @Joydeep Mukherjee and Keshav Nandurkar at N.D.M.V.P.Samajs Nashik Engineering College,Shivajinagar, Gangapur Road, Nashik 422013 Conference of Manufacturing Conclave organized by #CII

Mr. Sunil Khandbahale proposed below points, while creating the road-map for strengthening the Industry-Academiacollaboration towards innovation.


– Create Research Park e.g. Applied Material & IIT Mumbai collaboration.

– Create an IP creation and commercialization cell

– Keep up-to-date with the emerging technology landscape

– Publish regular newsletters as a external communication gateway

– Actively engage with leading innovation experts from diverse industry

– Offer innovation incentives and grants to researchers

– Encourage trans-disciplinary collaborations among students and faculties.


– Provide opportunities to talent in academia to work alongside industry

– Actively participate in research parks set up

– Offer joint training programs or certification at academic campus

– Fund academic research

– tap into the patent portfolio.

Academia + Industry (Mutually);

– Establish clear values and guiding principles

– Be impractical at the idea generation phase

– Encourage tolerance for the failures

– Create venture funding

– Build a dynamic team at both sides to work together

– Welcome talented student/alumni/ex-employees contributors

– Build products with—rather than for—users

– Provide links between research and practice.

Further he said,

“In my opinion, we need to bring in Government, Venture Capital, Innovators, Entrepreneurs along with Industry and Academia to complete the Innovation Ecosystem to make it work.”