Challenge = Opportunity – Sunil KHANDBAHALE

Shilpa : What were the challenges you faced in your entrepreneurial journey?

Sunil:  More than challenges, I would like to call them opportunities. All those were the options knocking at my door. Imagine, if I would have been educated in the English Medium school, I would have not encounter the language barrier? Then I would have not been able to make the language learning platform which I am known for. Right? Imagine if, I would have undergone formal computer training. I would have not been able to explore the technology space for which I am now recognised for. If I would not have back pain when I was self-teaching programming languages for hours and hours locking myself in a small room for six months, I would have not go the courage to face all those hurdles and the persistence to see dreams coming true. Imagine if I would have the strong family background, I doubt if I would be so passionate about chasing my dream and eventually, become an entrepreneur. So I think, we have to recognise all challenges in the life are actually opportunities. and keep working on it. Rest is the outcome.

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Credits : Shilpa Dhamne, Chinmay Dhamne, Pankaj Gahivad, & Studio: The Open Window.