Success Story


    Story of What is Possible – Sunil Khandbahale

    Dr. Laura Jana at KidsCan 2017 introducing keynote speaker Mr. Sunil Khandbahale, renowned innovator, entrepreneur, and founder of the Global Prosperity Foundation. In addition to his community-level work through his preschool, he created a free multilingual digital dictionary and translation platform that makes English accessible to over 100 million users in 150 countries – earning… read more »

    Web Maza : Inspiring story of a local youth who created his own path for success

    वेब माझा : तुम्ही शाहरुख चा स्वदेश पहिला असेल, असाच प्रयोग इथल्याच मातीतली माणसंही करत असतात. एक शेतकरी मुलगा भाषिक अडचणींवर मात करत नवीन व्यावसायिक संधी तयार केली आहे Sunil Khandbahale has created opportunity out of challenge which is helping millions of youth to learn new languages