breaking language barrier


    TEDTalk : Breaking Language Barrier

    Sunil has built a technology enabled multilingual translation platform for 23 languages in 16 domains with extensive vocabulary of 10 million words/phrases, which is being used by 120 million users in 150 countries. His 14 years of contribution resulted in safeguarding 5 million trees, preservation of languages extinction & breaking language divide. From not-knowing-dictionary to… read more »

    INKTalk : Breaking Language Barrier

    At INK2013, Sunil Khandbahale shares with us his fascinating journey from being unable to understand English as a young student, to creating a series of digital dictionaries to empower people just like him — a tool now being used by over 100 million users in 150 countries. Sunil’s goal is to help Indians bridge the… read more »


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