Good, Bad, or Ugly, we are the co-creators of our universe. – Sunil Khandbahale

This notion of “co-creation” for a better world, better future, may be from a science and technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship point of view. But aren’t we the co-creators already? Just look around the world, who is responsible for it? The way it is! The wildfires, hurricanes, global warming, genocide, and what not? Do you see some extraterrestrial life is operating with us?

Good, Bad, or Ugly, we are the co-creators of our universe.

Only the question is, can we be the thoughtful creator? contributor for the good world that we want to see? We can not just be apart from something happening somewhere and play or watch the blame game. If we think deeply and wisely, we must come to the conclusion that may be very tiny but I am also part of the event. And once we realize it, we accept the fact that I am too the contributor for what’s happening around, or miles away. It’s happening to me, with me. Walk away from your head a little bit and talk to your heart, feel the pain or maybe joy, happiness whatever it is. Humankind is gifted with a great brain among other species. We know it. However, we should not forget, we have hearts too. Don’t you think it is something common among all living beings? Do we have to be so much differentiation-focused?

On a positive note, if we are the co-creators of our universe, “How can we be the thoughtful contributor?”